How A Sydney Business
Booked Themselves
6-Months In Advance And Added An Extra $572,056 In Revenue In 90 Days

Less than a year ago...
A small Line Marking business, KENEX Stencils, found themselves experiencing a decline in sales and profits.

New competitors were popping up everywhere.
With an increasing number of companies offering similar services to them, KENEX had been struggling to stand out and win new business.

What's more, many businesses began to drop their prices to compete - backing KENEX into a corner to do the same in order to remain competitive.

KENEX knew this 'race-to-the-bottom' was a dangerous direction to take their business in and they simply could not afford to do so.

That's when they decided to completely rebrand their company with our help.

Marking the Difference

By identifying exactly what made KENEX different - their experience, attention to detail and professionalism - and translating that into their company's branding - KENEX was able to instantly stand out from their 'me-too' competitors who competed solely on price.

This enabled them to instantly earn prospects trust, confidently command higher prices than their competitors and win more new business.

In fact, thanks to their new brand image, KENEX was able to add an additional $572,056 in revenue in the first 90 days after rebranding.

They even booked themselves out more than 6 months in advance, and do not need to go out looking for work. It's now coming to them.

How You Too Can Quickly & Easily Stand Out From Your Competitors, Land More Business & Confidently Charge Higher Prices Than Others?

With business being more competitive than ever... and prospects bombarded with more advertising than ever before (more than 5,000 each day)…

Consumers are more skeptical than ever, so much so, that more than 56% of consumers actively seek out as much information as they can about a brand (online and offline) before they will BUY from them.

Being able to captivate your ideal customer's attention, quickly convey your business' unique value, raise their awareness of your business and build TRUST - is more important than ever.
Which is why branding is so critical to your business' bottom line and future success.

What our clients say

“…We wanted to evolve our business but didn't know where to begin. Evolv took the time to sit with our leadership team and analyse our business, helping us get to where we envisioned.

They gave us insights and ideas on changes we were unaware needed to be made to move forward which expanded our horizons within the industry.

Evolv helped us re-brand the company which was the catalyst to repositioning ourselves as an industry leader.

Their ability to quickly understand our business and know exactly what we required to achieve our goals was exceptional. We look forward to continuing this partnership with Evolv and furthering our business' rapid progression.”


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